[FoRK] Amazing op-ed: Slavery was good, and Democrats are bad

mattj at newsblip.com < mattj at newsblip.com > on > Wed Mar 15 13:17:43 PST 2006

Quoting Kevin Elliott <K-Elliott at wiu.edu>:

> Umm... I feel obligated to point out the the DEMOCRATS are the party 
> of slavery.  The question isn't why they don't vote Republican- it's 
> why the hell they ever started voting for the Democrats.

Umm... Because of the history of the 20th Century?

You pick a decade (30's onward), and I'll give you five good reasons.  
(But offlist, please.)

Alternatively, look at Bush's job-approval numbers among African 
Americans.  They have dropped to something near 2%.  Two percent.  Two 
percent!  Down from 51% after 9/11.  That's not just people supporting 
Democrats out of habit, because their parents did; there are things 
Republicans do that drive that (Katrina, cough cough).  You pick a year 
of the Bush era, and I'll give you ten good reasons.  (But offlist, 

* 2% job approval:  

Matt Jensen

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