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J. Andrew Rogers < andrew at ceruleansystems.com > on > Thu Mar 16 12:32:34 PST 2006

On Mar 16, 2006, at 11:56 AM, Joe Barrera wrote:
> I haven't touched this shit in ages but as I remember, the 1500 MTU of
> Ethernet was a real drag on architectures with pages bigger than
> 1024* because it meant you always had to do one more memory copy.
> Has anything changed in the past 15-20 years?

Most current GigE gear supports "jumbo" framing, which gives you up  
to 9000 bytes, enough to hold an 8192 byte block + network overhead.

The "network overhead" can be substantial.  If you use the myriad of  
advanced features of Ethernet networks and switch fabrics, jumbo  
frames are almost required for it to work well because 1500 byte  
frames become too crowded in transit.  An Ethernet network that uses  
the kitchen sink features will frequently break in annoying ways if  
the frame size is not kicked up a couple hundred bytes above the  
standard frame size (e.g. 1700 MTU), which requires jumbo frame support.

Jumbo framing is well-supported in most recent networking gear, but  
is not so universal that you can assume it.

J. Andrew Rogers

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