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Dave Long < dave.long at bluewin.ch > on > Thu Mar 16 13:31:19 PST 2006

> Only the names have changed. Things are different
> in the 21st century, and the reversal is not perfect.
> Of course. But it's this strange reversal that underlies
> much of American political history.

...and it's not the first strange reversal.  Lincoln noted that there 
had already been a reversal ("like two drunken brawlers" -- I had no 
idea Drunken Master was out in mid-XIX; he must've watched it on Beta) 
between the founders and his time:

"Re: I need some economics tutoring"

The Swiss had a civil war also, about a decade before ours.  Theirs was 
much more civil, though -- the body count barely broke into 3 digits.


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> 1 in 1800 die in an accident per year?

Sorry, that should have been "external causes".  But in any case, it 
was the right number for 2002 for reasons other than age or health.  
Check the link (http://www.nsc.org/lrs/statinfo/odds.htm) for the full 
list.  1 in 2700 for unintentional injuries; the other 1 in 5400 were 
intentional injuries, such as suicide, assault, and "legal 

http://www.benbest.com/lifeext/causes.jpg has a nice age-vs-cause graph 
arranged like the baby names, but the data's from 1979, and I'm too 
lazy to google up a more recent treatment.

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I can easily believe that a virus would shed some of its genome.  Back 
when memory and cycles were scarce, the fact that rebooting a box 
usually meant that someone had to get up and walk to the big air 
conditioned room led to some (by comparison) robust systems.  Now that 
we have plenty of both, the fact that everyone has been trained in the 
three-finger salute has led to much of that robustness being shed in 
favor of the schmuck at the keyboard being the system component which 
must tolerate faults.

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