[FoRK] I'll be in Austin this summer

Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Fri Mar 17 06:36:19 PST 2006

If all my ducks line up, that is...

IBM's offered me a co-op for the summer, in their virtual I/O server group. 
While it's not the full-time job in Beaverton I wanted, I think it'll be a 
good experience and a significant step towards not being permanently pinned 
into business database programming.

I'll be driving up there by myself, leaving my husband here to deal with the 
kids, the heat, and any hurricanes that might come knocking. That's really 
the part that worries me, because it will be a significant strain on him. He 
claims that he can deal with it, though.  :)

So how likely is it that I'll be able to find a studio (efficiency) 
apartment near the IBM campus for, say,  <$400 ?  I don't need a swimming 
pool or anything fancy, but I don't want gansters next door either...


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