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Interesting.  And just yesterday I learned about another open source 
tool for testing browsers.

Selenium is a Firefox extension that lets you record scripts, play them 
back, set breakpoints, etc.


-Matt Jensen

Quoting Zee Roe <zero at rawbw.com>:

> [...]
>         The skies begin to boil; Nature collapses into the screaming
>         Void. And, finally, someone writes a decent open source GUI
>         testing and automation library. DOGTAIL is a Python library
>         for anything that supports the accessibility framework
>         AT-SPI - which means, um, GNOME. (But KDE soon.) With it you
>         can use procedural or OOPy Python to drive almost any Gnome
>         app, plus Open-Office, and Mozilla-based apps like Epiphany
>         (so you can automate web and test applications too). Driving
>         code is ridiculously tight: you can automatically kick up a
>         browser, enter a form, and rip out the resulting text with a
>         just a few lines. It can drive multiple apps with all your
>         hands tied behind your back. It can search out applications
>         based on their package name, not the binary. It can send
>         keystrokes to anything you damn well want. Your GUI is about
>         to become posessed with dozens of your own private bots.
>         http://people.redhat.com/zcerza/dogtail/
> [...]
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