[FoRK] why is "elite" a dirty word?

Steve Nordquist < signa at everestkc.net > on > Sat Mar 18 22:14:52 PST 2006

> OK, I understand why "liberal" is an epithet
The form seems to be Elite {publicant industry}, and of course it's  
implicit that they're not doing the job of leading the populace by  
superior perspective, form and execution (whereas the writers of _Pani  
Poni Dash!_ liner notes do lead.)

I guess if I were L337, I would come up with a canned phrase describing a  
line of transformative discourse from Jon Stewart -to- early Drudge and  
set that loose after the elite meme.

Mandarin seems to be one of those one-word PRC legal gambits, instead of  
an epithet.

DVD-RAM 4-ever!

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