[FoRK] skype was made by clever people

Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Tue Mar 21 16:26:23 PST 2006

I'm happy for Skype in the short run because they prove it can be done 
and make a little money.  It's requirements development that sets the 
bar for everything that will follow.  The money they make is really off 
of the backs of the traditional monopolies who must be forced to become 
more efficient and fair by such competition.  Oligopolies will lumbar 
along on the gravy train forever absent such pressure, falsely giving 
the impression that technology doesn't allow a better situation yet.

In the end, a free software version of something at least as good as 
Skype will be standard.  Asterisk already has most of the power needed.  
Prices for landline hookup are becoming commodities.  Broadvoice prices 
DIDs at about $2/mo., far lower than the loaded price from a few years ago.

I'll repeat what I heard while working at Lexis-Nexis, back in the days 
of $0.30+/min. long distance: at least half of the cost of long distance 
pays (paid) for the billing of the charges.


Adam L Beberg wrote:
> Eugen Leitl wrote on 3/21/2006 2:22 AM:
>> http://www.secdev.org/conf/skype_BHEU06.handout.pdf
> I think you mean evil, not clever. Skype is way up there on the 
> "probably not safe" scales, not to Google or Microsoft levels, but 
> it's still young, give them time.

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