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Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Wed Mar 22 13:55:06 PST 2006

ReiserFS is further along on the DB-as-FS than anything else.  They've 
proven that it can work in several respects, including indexing, 
handling small files, and raw speed.  With the new Oracle and other 
transactional, distributed filesystems, Linux technology is far ahead of 
Microsoft technology in this area.  Not that they couldn't steal the 
design ideas quickly.  Putting everything into an SQL database is just 
nuts; no wonder they gave up.

I have been installing (and reinstalling (started with Test 3 just 
before final came out, plus rehabilitating a machine with several broken 
devices)) Fedora Core 5 with 2.6.16 + vserver patches.  Pretty snappy.  
It mulls over the devices and the 1TB root volume (later 600GB after 
removing a couple flakey drives) for a few seconds and then the desktop 
takes about 2 seconds to popup after login.


Luis Villa wrote:
> On 3/22/06, Russell Turpin <deafbox at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> "Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK)" <fork at ianbell.com>:
>>> The real losers are the PC Manufacturers.  5 consecutive
>>> holiday seasons without a new OS?  Are you kidding? ..
>> Why is an OS inherently a consumer appeal, any more
>> than die size, the selection of resin for plastic components,
>> or specs on the transmission shaft? Yes, all of these affect
>> the end product, be it a computer, toaster, or car. But
>> no one buys a computer to use its OS. The OS is
>> important to the extent that it gets out of the way and
>> simplifies maintenance tasks. XP is the first version of
>> Windows that wasn't horrible. I'm kind of glad they
>> haven't changed it in a few years. ;-)
> The core software development platform (typically known as the OS)
> could still have a lot of improvements to make 3rd party development
> richer and more interesting. The current view of the OS as 'something
> that provides device drivers and file system access' seems very
> impoverished to me. People as a first-class object, richer content
> sharing (inc. file permissions that reach across machines that doesn't
> require enterprise-class centralized auth), better search, and richer
> metadata are all things that pop to mind immediately that could be
> baked into the OS, and which would benefit a great deal from having
> multiple apps sharing the same infrastructure instead of repeatedly
> reinventing the wheel on top of what we thought of as the core OS ten
> years ago. I love to mock MS, but they were headed in the right
> direction with their DB-as-FS work on several of these scores, and if
> they'd actually been able to execute, it would have been bad news for
> those of us competing with them in the desktop space.
> Luis
> Luis
> Luis
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