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Luis Villa < luis.villa at gmail.com > on > Wed Mar 22 14:20:32 PST 2006

On 3/22/06, Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> wrote:
> ReiserFS is further along on the DB-as-FS than anything else.  They've
> proven that it can work in several respects, including indexing,
> handling small files, and raw speed.  With the new Oracle and other
> transactional, distributed filesystems, Linux technology is far ahead of
> Microsoft technology in this area.  Not that they couldn't steal the
> design ideas quickly.  Putting everything into an SQL database is just
> nuts; no wonder they gave up.

Sadly, Hans Reiser is by all accounts insane, and as a result, the
totally broken kernel development process therefore also treats his
ideas as insane, when they are perhaps the most interesting thing
going right now at that level of any OS.

> I have been installing (and reinstalling (started with Test 3 just
> before final came out, plus rehabilitating a machine with several broken
> devices)) Fedora Core 5 with 2.6.16 + vserver patches.  Pretty snappy.
> It mulls over the devices and the 1TB root volume (later 600GB after
> removing a couple flakey drives) for a few seconds and then the desktop
> takes about 2 seconds to popup after login.

I can't speak much to the server side of things, but we've put a lot
of work into desktop performance in the past few months, and it shows.
It'll be even better in the next release of all the major GNOME-based


> sdw
> Luis Villa wrote:
> > On 3/22/06, Russell Turpin <deafbox at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >> "Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK)" <fork at ianbell.com>:
> >>
> >>> The real losers are the PC Manufacturers.  5 consecutive
> >>> holiday seasons without a new OS?  Are you kidding? ..
> >>>
> >> Why is an OS inherently a consumer appeal, any more
> >> than die size, the selection of resin for plastic components,
> >> or specs on the transmission shaft? Yes, all of these affect
> >> the end product, be it a computer, toaster, or car. But
> >> no one buys a computer to use its OS. The OS is
> >> important to the extent that it gets out of the way and
> >> simplifies maintenance tasks. XP is the first version of
> >> Windows that wasn't horrible. I'm kind of glad they
> >> haven't changed it in a few years. ;-)
> >>
> >
> > The core software development platform (typically known as the OS)
> > could still have a lot of improvements to make 3rd party development
> > richer and more interesting. The current view of the OS as 'something
> > that provides device drivers and file system access' seems very
> > impoverished to me. People as a first-class object, richer content
> > sharing (inc. file permissions that reach across machines that doesn't
> > require enterprise-class centralized auth), better search, and richer
> > metadata are all things that pop to mind immediately that could be
> > baked into the OS, and which would benefit a great deal from having
> > multiple apps sharing the same infrastructure instead of repeatedly
> > reinventing the wheel on top of what we thought of as the core OS ten
> > years ago. I love to mock MS, but they were headed in the right
> > direction with their DB-as-FS work on several of these scores, and if
> > they'd actually been able to execute, it would have been bad news for
> > those of us competing with them in the desktop space.
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