[FoRK] A Universe With Untold Hundreds of Stars

Robert Harley < robert.harley at gmail.com > on > Wed Mar 22 16:11:36 PST 2006

>[Implausibly, I was the keynote speaker Friday night at the annual
>Robert H. Goddard Memorial Dinner of the National Space Club, [...]
>Anyway, there were 2,500 people in attendance, [...]
>To calm myself, I pretended I was speaking to only 1,750.

Eh?  The most I have spoken to is about 600 and I can't say that it
seemed any different than 20.
Akshuly, I'd take 600 over 19 + one dickhead anyday.

>[...] So here we are, tiny Earthlings, puny in the grand scheme of things,
>feeble, irrelevant, beneath contempt

Puny, schmuny.  To each each own, I guess.

>[...] If an unprotected human being were
>exposed to the vacuum of space he or she would immediately cramp up
>horribly. Headaches, chills, vertigo. The list goes on. Dandruff.

Unless (s)he has an oxygen supply and sun-block.


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