[FoRK] IRS to sell tax records to advertisers.

Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Thu Mar 23 08:44:32 PST 2006

They're appointed by our King silly.  Our very own King George and his 
We've combined the hints from Europeans that we're doing it all wrong 
and we should follow their example with the Republican sentiment for the 
"good old days" and decided to try old-style European royalty and 
fiefdoms, with the veneer of democracy and plausible deniability to 
please the masses.  Corrupt elections, in fact, corrupt election machine 
manufacturers promising elections to Republicans in Ohio, etc.

Luckily, revolution _is_ possible every 4 years.  I predict that Russ 
Feingold will be in office forever.  Huh, I'd say he's the logical 
Democratic presidential candidate in fact.


Adam L Beberg wrote:
> Your 1040 forms. Advertisers. Has hit the mainstream press like a ton of
> bricks.
> I can't help but assume by "advertisers" they mean Google.
> This country is sooooooooooooo FoRK'd up. Who elects these idiots?

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