[FoRK] "Outsourced" storage

Jeff Barr < jeff at vertexdev.com > on > Thu Mar 23 18:26:12 PST 2006

> From: "Reza B'Far" <reza at voicegenesis.com>
> Thanks Bill.
> The problem is that I looked at the s3 stuff, and at least at a glance,
> it's not obvious to me if it's possible for an average Joe to use it with
> something like winscp.  As far as I can tell, from the few pages I
> glanced, it's purely an HTTP/SOAP/etc. based interface.
> ideas on how s3 can provide a service like this? how about other vendors?

People are building user-oriented tools around S3. Keep in mind that
it has been in production for all of 9 days now, and that developers
are working as fast as they can. 

It looks like S3 Explorer (http://www.tighttools.com/) will go beta in
the next week or so.

There are some shell-level tools floating around already, and I've
heard of people doing rsync-style sypport as well.

More info in the AWS blog at
<http://aws.typepad.com/aws/2006/03/s3_roundup.html> .

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