[FoRK] What do you get for $500/mo cell service?

Rohit Khare < rohit at commerce.net > on > Thu Mar 23 20:15:02 PST 2006

... apparently, new handsets. Bah! How about *real* protection from  
dropped calls: imagine a quad-band phone with multi-line, multi- 
carrier service that, whenever a call was dropped, placed the other  
party on hold, dialed back with whatever carrier had the best  
coverage, and reconnected? Or did "app-layer" roaming by conference- 
calling you over two different mobile providers. RAEP -- Redundant  
Arrays of Expensive Phones :)


> Willing To Pay $500 For 'Velvet Glove' Monthly Cell Phone Service?  
> Talk To Voce.
> Voce's celebrity-priced cell service includes unlimited calling and  
> a new phone every four months.
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> By Elena Malykhina
> InformationWeek
> Nov 14, 2005 12:00 PM

> There's a new mobile-virtual network operator in town called Voce,  
> and it's among a growing number of companies offering branded cell  
> phones and services licensed from telecommunications carriers. Most  
> of these operators, also known as MVNOs, target a specific  
> demographic. Voce is going for the elite, billing its services as  
> upscale, with $1,500 sign-up fee and frequent handset upgrades.
> Created by Faith Inc., a Japanese content provider that made its  
> footprint in the U.S. wireless market through its polyphonic  
> ringtones, Voce says it will provide "first class" personalized  
> wireless services in addition to basic services.
> Voce's services, to become available this year, include unlimited  
> calling, data downloads, "velvet glove" customer service, the  
> latest technologies, and a new cell phone every four months,  
> according to the company. Voce will operate on Cingular's wireless  
> network, according to Visage Mobile, a partner that's helping Voce  
> launch its services. Subscribers will initially sign up for $1,500  
> and then pay a flat rate of $500 each month.
> Virgin Mobile USA LLC, a subsidiary of Virgin Group, and  
> convenience-store chain 7-Eleven Inc. were among the first MVNOs to  
> launch services in the U.S. Both companies license spectrum from  
> Sprint and resell cell-phone services to consumers, which helps  
> create customer loyalty and generate additional revenue.
> Voce expects to first launch services in New York and Los Angeles  
> this year and expand to the top ten metropolitan markets in the  
> U.S. by the end of 2006.

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