[FoRK] "Outsourced" storage

Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Fri Mar 24 08:26:20 PST 2006

So just return an error.  I've got a couple very nice Linux-based NAS 
units and one of their answers to security issues means that you can't 
change ownership of files over NFS.


Andy Armstrong wrote:
> On 24 Mar 2006, at 02:26, Jeff Barr wrote:
>> There are some shell-level tools floating around already, and I've
>> heard of people doing rsync-style sypport as well.
> I've got a filesystem half done (the easy half of course...) but I got 
> bogged down when I realised supporting chmod would mean re-sending the 
> whole object - you can't (as far as I can see) change the perms on an 
> S3 object without rewriting the entire object.
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