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I've both built web development teams from the ground up and outsourced work to contractors. An important thing to determine is the general nature of the work to be done so you can find a good fit. For instance, you need to decide on the general architecture first. Ex. Just HTML on the front end or do you need something like Flash too. Is there lots of backend database work or just some Perl scripting. Etc...
Not all web shops can do everything.

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Hey list;
I am helping a buddy with a business idea that depends on a simple yet
robust web-based application. He has little technical ability and I'd
like to help pair him up with a vendor and get him through the
scoping, bidding, and requirements phases... but I find myself at a
loss as to how to even start looking for a highly skilled, reliable,
reasonably priced web development team... any ideas?

Sebastian Hassinger
shassinger at gmail.com
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