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Sebastian Hassinger < shassinger at gmail.com > on > Sat Mar 25 09:50:35 PST 2006

Hey William S. Burroughs, I can't tell if:

a) you think I asked a dumb question
b) you think I am spam
c) you are spam

So if you had some communicative intention with the seemingly
non-randomly arranged words below you might want to take another stab
at it.

Your pal, Single Chip Analog/Digital AV Receiver

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> > Hey list;
> Hey Single Chip Analog/Digital AV Receiver...I mean, Sebastian.
> > I am helping a buddy with a business idea that depends on a simple yet
> > robust web-based application. He has little technical ability and I'd
> ...better punch some ability in there, or you're not going to
> be pairing him.  Can he at least do the anesthesia?
> > like to help pair him up with a vendor and get him through the
> > scoping, bidding, and requirements phases... but I find myself at a
> > loss as to how to even start looking for a highly skilled, reliable,
> > reasonably priced web development team... any ideas?
>    Take your reliability and reasonable prices and stuff 'em?
> If you think it's a simply decomposable problem to apply your buddy's
> invention and creativity plus workers riffing on one somewhat complex
> technology, what is all that skill required to do when it should be
> raising everyone's relevance and performance?  If you're hiring
> a firm, just find out what it's limited by and make two or three
> equitable offers which reflect the same overall shot at profitability.
> Stuff reasonably priced and reliable, decide how the skills are supposed
> to be composited into a team or so, then table acting on a
> skeleton scope and bid outcome, until after there is a business case.
> (I mean, are you going to keep the girls on after release 1.1?
> Will a faith-based organization in Pakistan be okay, or will
> Buena Vista Entertainment (say) visit them and sign them on officially
> at some point?)
>    I think it's flexible whether your buddy should buy some classes
> rounds of soft pretzels after class first, or talk to his barrister
> about how he wants to come out w.r.t. this business project.
> Having done that a few times though, continue on:
>    Mechanically invent a programming language which does what you want
> in a facile way, pad it out for rough NP-completeness, find hireable
> acute detractors who won't be booked through 2010, think of 2 fun
> ways to manage them, crack out some of what should be the most
> compelling contracts for success for the day; mobilize instead
> the US Republican Party, convincing them that the Requirements
> you are fitting out are some measured Vox Rex Populoi.  Then go to
> a film festival; following, rewrite the contracts to
> encourage a much better result in reality and otherwise crank
> out some projects and business plans which would work together.
Sebastian Hassinger
shassinger at gmail.com

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