[FoRK] Re: Web development teams for hire?

Steve Nordquist < signa at everestkc.net > on > Sat Mar 25 23:11:22 PST 2006

Sorry about the mild incendiary edge to that response; it would
have been simpler if I had simply suggested that you narrow the
SOA maintainers to a particular school of DBA or admin, I
realize now (having seen a bone of appropriate jargon in
Albert's post.)

It so happens that I was also excited by _Microwaves & RF_
about a single chip (presumably ATSC) receiver.
Of course I read that as the radios, MACs, stream buffers,
MPEG4 engine and codecs in one, but it's a SiGe analog
end that can run on USB power and tune in 10ms for cheap
MultiView implementations.  Xceive.com   ...now for the
equanimous Xmit chip, also general over NTSC, PAL, SECAM,
DVB-T and -C, ISDB-T....

Summoning the spirit of Guy Kawasaki was also a defense mechanism
raised, perhaps in response to the notion that you were going to
roll the whole business for your friend and hand it to him, which
is a chamfered 40-degree turn I am unaccustomed to.  Also of
course to the notion that the business would be late-binding;
fantastic!  But I forget how to do RPC in an employment contract.
I could be impressed by such a thing.

I only noticed a few of your books at ibiblio's index so far
and should have read further into  the reviews to form a
more plain response.  As if that'd be the result; but the
reading may do me some good!  As it is there are notes on
structures and dynamics to expect, but you've read the
sonic boom posted on the list by now....

Happy zooming, all.

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