[FoRK] Re: Web development teams for hire?

Dave Long < dave.long at bluewin.ch > on > Sun Mar 26 00:46:16 PST 2006

> So if you had some communicative intention with the seemingly
> non-randomly arranged words below you might want to take another stab
> at it.


Think of a Nordquist post as spread-spectrum communication.  The 
concepts are all there, but they've been chipped by the token-level 
equivalent of a walsh function -- and hence correlations go like 1/N 
unless unchipped with both the proper sequence and shift state. [0,1]

Top 10 signs you've been on FoRK too long:
	10. You wonder why the XXI n00bs don't know all the stale bits left 
over from the XXth century.  (whatever happened to tbyars, or even 
Rifkin, for that matter?)
	01. The mode of the commercial posts gradually shifts from
		a) how can I do the work?, through
		b) how can I find people to do the work?, to
		g) how can I invest so that people I don't even know
		   will do all the work?
	00. Nordquist becomes comprehensible
          (cf http://www.google.com/search?q=explain.a.steve.nordquist)


[0] as opposed to MVS, whose correlations should all go exponentially 
to 0
[1] applications of this concept to code-division theology are left as 
an exercise for the readers -- no debates on the relative merits of 
single- vs. multiple-access deities, please (unless you bring enough 
spirits for everyone)

:: :: ::

> Hey William S. Burroughs, I can't tell if:
> b) you think I am spam

Don't worry about it.  Anyone can get a straight answer on FoRK, not 
everyone incites a Nordquist riff.

Consider the equivalent situation in mathematics: anyone who proves a 
theorem can have it named after them, but it is considered the height 
of distinction to have an eponymous lemma.

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