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I've been out of the web development (for others) biz for awhile now so I'm not up on the current state of affairs there. I'm sure its not what it used to be. Of course, once you have a list of development technologies that you require of the web shop, Google is never a bad place to start. If you are so inclined, it would be interesting to hear about your success or lack there of in finding a web shop to do the job.
On one occasion that I did some outsourcing, we had a couple shops prepare presentations/bids to pitch the job to us. The shop that ended up getting the job had prepared several options for us to choose from and we ended picking one of those options and signing them up right after their presentation. They ended up doing a really great job.

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> Sebastian,
> I've both built web development teams from the ground up and outsourced work to contractors. An important thing to determine is the general nature of the work to be done so you can find a good fit. For instance, you need to decide on the general architecture first. Ex. Just HTML on the front end or do you need something like Flash too. Is there lots of backend database work or just some Perl scripting. Etc...
> Not all web shops can do everything.

Agreed, and I definitely have some ideas in that regard - I guess I
was thinking that there was some basic approach to take to start to
find firms of that type, against which to apply my filter of the size
of project, basic approach needed, etc. It's not like there is a
yellow pages category that would give me a good starting point...

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