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Yes, the existence of so many pre-existing open source/and service based solutions is why I suspect a lot of custom shops have gone out of business. If you can, its likely best to base your solution on a pre-existing framework. These factors, along with cheap Chindia labor is why a lot of folks have left the biz. And, also why kids entering post secondary ed. are chosing to enter potentially more lucrative carrier paths like the traditional Doctor/Lawyer/Investment Banker gravy trains.  I myself have been spending a lot of my time learning to invest and trade on the financial markets. As it turns out, I am managing to scratch out a living doing so, while learning a whole lot. It beats forking out for tuition fees for retraining, and then still not landing a job afterword.

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Hi Sebastian,

Someone may already have done what you want and are selling it as a 
service somewhere.

Theres plenty of pre-packaged stores, and bulletin boards, etc etc. For 
a very wide range of applications, its done, all you need to do is get a 
graphic designer to create your look and feel and hand over your credit 
card on a monthly basis.

Again, you havent given any details as to what you want done, so its a 
little hard to give meaningful advice.

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>> Sebastian,
>> I've both built web development teams from the ground up and outsourced work to contractors. An important thing to determine is the general nature of the work to be done so you can find a good fit. For instance, you need to decide on the general architecture first. Ex. Just HTML on the front end or do you need something like Flash too. Is there lots of backend database work or just some Perl scripting. Etc...
>> Not all web shops can do everything.
> Agreed, and I definitely have some ideas in that regard - I guess I
> was thinking that there was some basic approach to take to start to
> find firms of that type, against which to apply my filter of the size
> of project, basic approach needed, etc. It's not like there is a
> yellow pages category that would give me a good starting point...
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