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>What puzzles me is that if I with my meager hord and newbee skills am able to scratch out a living this >way, why any self respecting (half skilled)hedge fund or mutual fund manager would manage money for >other people. It should make you question the wisdom of having other people manage your money.

To answer my own question, I think what tends to happen is the best money managers stick around long enough to build their own hord, then they do strike out on their own to manage their own money or to start a hedge or private equity fund or specialized fund in their area of expertise.
Apparently hedge funds are'nt doing all that much better than index funds because of the historically low volatility. And, you may or may not know that 80% of mutual funds underperform index funds. You pay big MERs for mutual funds to get some alpha, but you're ownly getting your monies worth in 1 in 5 mutal funds.

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