[FoRK] Re: Web development teams for hire? (Steve Nordquist)

Sebastian Hassinger < shassinger at gmail.com > on > Sun Mar 26 13:54:59 PST 2006

> From: Steve Nordquist <signa at everestkc.net>

> Sorry about the mild incendiary edge to that response; it would
> have been simpler if I had simply suggested that you narrow the
> SOA maintainers to a particular school of DBA or admin, I
> realize now (having seen a bone of appropriate jargon in
> Albert's post.)

Ah! Much improved, now I know in what orientation I find myself in
respect to your verbal perambulations. I certainly didn't want to end
up playing Hayes to your Telebit in front of the ITU! Neat! Neat!
Neat! but in the end no cigar.

I have to say, my initial reaction was amazement that such a bland
question would inspire questioning my kawasaki-nature. In retrospect I
see my Slothropian dial was attenuated too high - I had thought
detailing the details might be more engrossing for the list (if I
deign to rate the project so interesting as all that!) but would risk
highlighting the target for the doodle bomb in anticipation of the
idea's originator's wishes. Clearly, obfuscation through omission
clearly breeds presumption and one risks ending up with a treatment
from the quisling clinic.

Most surprising was the assumption that I was planning a 40-degree
chamfered turn when in fact a dado is more akin to my planned joint.
I've built things in the past myself, I don't have time to this time,
but I could probably project manage a compentent team with a
compentent lead. And my friend is willing and able to pay, but he
doesn't anticipate needing a permanent development team - the web
aspect is only one small part of this project, not the brazil nut of
the thing. Some business still operates primarily in the world of
margarine and soakers, even in the web 2.0 world. Is that so odd?

> It so happens that I was also excited by _Microwaves & RF_
> about a single chip (presumably ATSC) receiver.
> Of course I read that as the radios, MACs, stream buffers,
> MPEG4 engine and codecs in one, but it's a SiGe analog
> end that can run on USB power and tune in 10ms for cheap
> MultiView implementations.  Xceive.com   ...now for the
> equanimous Xmit chip, also general over NTSC, PAL, SECAM,
> DVB-T and -C, ISDB-T....

All presumably to be made illegal if the erstwhile sheet music pirates
convince the erstwile emancipationists to pass the bill to plug the

> I only noticed a few of your books at ibiblio's index so far
> and should have read further into  the reviews to form a
> more plain response.  As if that'd be the result; but the
> reading may do me some good!  As it is there are notes on
> structures and dynamics to expect, but you've read the
> sonic boom posted on the list by now....

Yuck don't read those old things - Perl CGI scripts circa 1995 - too pedestrian.

Sebastian Hassinger
shassinger at gmail.com

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