[FoRK] Re: Web development teams for hire? (Albert S.)

Kevin Elliott < K-Elliott at wiu.edu > on > Sun Mar 26 19:13:15 PST 2006

At 13:30 -0800  on  3/26/06, Albert S. wrote:
>Apparently hedge funds are'nt doing all that much better than index 
>funds because of the
>historically low volatility. And, you may or may not know that 80% 
>of mutual funds
>underperform index funds. You pay big MERs for mutual funds to get 
>some alpha, but you're >ownly getting your monies worth in 1 in 5 
>mutal funds.

More importantly, the 20% that beat the index vary buy year. 
Personal opinion, trying to beat the market is an overly complex game 
of luck.  Just like Vegas, the house always wins eventually.  Read "A 
Random Walk Down Wall Street" for the backup stats.
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