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Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Wed Apr 5 10:02:13 PDT 2006

When I later read "Hackers" by Steven Levy (long ago by now), I was 
pretty sure that he referred to both Unipress and CCA as having borrowed 
from Richard Stallman's first C-based Emacs release, pre-GNU Emacs.  
That's all I remember, so it's possible that wasn't a full emacs 
borrowing, just modules or something, or maybe Unipress wasn't 
involved.  I have the book around here somewhere...


Joe Barrera wrote:

> Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>>  workstation, and then of course GNU Emacs.  Since Unipress and CCA
>>  versions of Emacs, which ripped off his public domain code, are what
>>  caused Richard Stallman to come up with GPL/Copyleft, I always felt
>>  like I witnessed the beginning of GNU/Open Source.)
> What?? Unipress emacs was based on Gosling's emacs, which predated
> GNU emacs. In fact I believe GNU emacs used some of the display code
> from Gosling's emacs.
> - Joe

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