[FoRK] some interesting paper abstracts from WWW2006

Simon Wistow < simon at thegestalt.org > on > Fri Apr 7 03:23:50 PDT 2006

On Fri, Apr 07, 2006 at 10:45:27AM +0100, Justin Mason said:
> Well, it's interesting how little technical differences can result in big
> social differences between the two systems.  Also,
> http://zgp.org/~dmarti/blosxom/software/blognet.html is relevant...

I've been playing around with blurring the lines between blogs, mailing 
lists, and usenet feeds for a while now. For example you can treat any 
mail thread started by a person as a blog entry and all subsequent 
replies as comments. Or conversely scrape the content out of blog 
entries and post them to lists and proxy comments back and forth between 
the two.

You can see an early interpretation here


and, more specifically


If I was less horrifically hungover then I'd probably do more handwavy 
gestures and start venn diagrams or charts with 'barrier to entry', 
'resistance to spam', 'archiveability', 'thread building', 
'distributability' and other words ending in 'ility' on them and then 
start plotting points with UseNet, blogs, mailing lists (moderated and 
unmoderated), Cc lists, Bcc lists, message boards  and irc channels 
(2lmc's spool, mentioned elsewhere, is driven by a bot sitting on an IRC 
channel I'm on [*]). Somewhere on there you can put Internet Mail 2000

Currently I'm noodling round with the idea of temporary mailing lists - 
basically quite often I want to discuss a topic for a short period with 
a bunch of people. Typically this starts off mailing someone and then 
Cc-ing a few more people. Generally it's between 1 and 3 threads and 
then it's over.

I'm muddling through coming up with a way that each sender doesn't ahve 
to remember the full Cc list and late join members can get access to the 
whole back story. At the moment I have a system that you mail and it 
generates a unique id for this conversation and then forwards it on to 
proper recipients, setting the reply-to header. Any time a mail passes 
through the system the content is archived and any additional Cc-d 
addresses are added to the list of recipients. There's an option that 
the first time an address is added the archives for that uid are resent 
to them as individual messages.

Anyway, enough insane rambling.


[*] And to square the circle, this is me on 2lmc talking about this very
subject three years ago with reference to Siesta and Mariachi which I
helped write and runs hates-software - http://2lmc.org/spool/id/3402

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