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Jeffrey Kay < jeff at k2.com > on > Mon Apr 24 01:33:49 PDT 2006

Damn, I wish Seattle had a hockey team.  My Washington Caps (where I 
used to live) were long out of it, but at least we the most exciting 
rookie this year.  Now if they would only put more games on HDTV ...

-- jeff

Owen Byrne wrote:
> Bill Humphries wrote:
>> On Apr 23, 2006, at 7:14 PM, Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) wrote:
>>> This weekend has been the first weekend of Stanley Cup Playoff Hockey 
>>> in more than two years.  For those of you who haven't checked out the 
>>> NHL lately, I think that some of these series' may make you into a fan.
>> My girlfriend's a long time Sharks fan and has tickets for the two of 
>> us to game four of the series against Nashville this Thursday.
>> -- whump
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> Habs (Montreal Canadians for those who don't know) fan suddenly living 
> in Northern California, and really rooting for the Sharks because the 
> only way I would have a chance to see Montreal play is if both teams get 
> to the finals. I am scared to guess what I would pay for tickets if it 
> actually happens.
> Owen
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