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Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Mon Apr 24 06:24:11 PDT 2006

"Nalin Savara" <nsavara at vsnl.net> wrote in message 
> Chances are you can use SQL, DataSets et al...

I'm still learning the ins and outs of the navigational model that Delphi 
has - Locate, SetRange, Filter, and so forth.  I've also been learning about 
when it's faster to use SQL on the server, and when there's no real 
performance difference and it more convenient to use Locate, etc. Advantage 
supports the navigational model natively, so sometimes it's not necessarily 
faster to use SQL. While I don't like the way programming is Pascal feels, 
there is certainly enough richness to working with it that I feel I've 
learned a lot in this last year I've been with this company.

> On a different note--- about these phone-calls (earlier Corinna post) and
> being interrupted repeatedly-- seems your company doesnt have any solid
> experienced weathered-by-the-world technical leadership and hiring/firing 
> of
> tech people happens at management's whim... without any big guy in the 
> loop
> whose actually built world changing products himself.

Well, Harlingen isn't exactly a tech town.

There is no talent pool to speak of. (My wages as a beginning teacher - 
31K -  put me rather solidly in the middle class here, and I was easily able 
to buy a duplex in a nice neighborhood.) Anyone who's capable of programming 
is either self-taught, or learned VB at the community college. There are a 
few high school students getting AP Java each year, but they go away to 
college, and people tend to want to escape the Valley as soon as they can. 
This company has 3 programmers (including me) and three people who do sales, 
tech support, and testing, and the owner, who does a random assortment of 
stuff, including community involvement. We have a temp worker for bookeeping 
right now. The main sales person was out for surgery last week, and the 
other two were at a trade show.

When the company is small, you kind of have to juggle like this. There's 
some recognition of the problem it causes us programmers, but if you don't 
have the manpower, what can you do? At the very least, they can't be too 
demanding about deadlines...

The owner started this company when he saw an opportunity for custom 
software, but he didn't know how to program, so he taught himself. He's 
admitted to me that he's a businessman, not a programmer, but I think it's 
great that he saw a niche and jumped into it. 

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