[FoRK] Re: WhyFi Doesn't It Work?

Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Tue Apr 25 06:21:27 PDT 2006

"Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK)" <fork at ianbell.com>
>I would like to interrupt this months-long discussion of Corinna's  career 

Be my guest :)

>The tech wasn't designed for that, and the equipment  can't do it 
>effectively.  Add to that every Tom Dick and Harry  (especially in SF) 
>running their OWN WiFi radios on every possible  frequency (because it's 
>unregulated), often with overlap-induced  interference, and it's a recipe 
>for failure.

I think this is really key. The technology has to evolve once it gets 
applied past its original application. Probably city-wide, reliable wifi 
will require wholly new technology -- and probably regulation of the 
frequencies as well. Isn't this analogous to radio broadcasting? Maybe we 
need to take that as an example of what would be required to blanket a city 
with a reliable signal.

I don't know a lot about this area - I've mostly been following the popular 
press and haven't delved into the technical details, so I'm interested in 
seeing what others have to say on this subject.


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