[FoRK] The Kaavya Viswanathan ("Harvard Novelist") plagiarism case

Ken Meltsner < meltsner at alum.mit.edu > on > Tue Apr 25 13:20:12 PDT 2006

Just to make matters clear, I screwed up -- it was NYU's Stern School,
not Columbia.  Memory plays tricks.

In defense of NYU, they realized that pursuing the former student
would cost a significant amount with relatively little return; the
student's aggressive response definitely paid off.  I also suspect
that they didn't take "Internet" plagiarism seriously in those days --
this was back in the 20th century, after all.

All I wanted was a simple apology -- I have no desire to punish a
student who made a bad decision -- and acknowledgement that my work
had been used without proper attribution.

Ken Meltsner

On 4/25/06, Luis Villa <luis.villa at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Should have threatened to document the whole thing on the web, though
> > I suppose he'd have then threatened to sue you too, though not before
> > the damage was done to his rep...
> Just to clarify, of course, the main threat here would have been to
> Columbia- all they have is their rep; they can afford lawyers and
> spine *iff* their rep is threatened publicly.

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