[FoRK] The Kaavya Viswanathan ("Harvard Novelist") plagiarism case

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Like most media, they live in a collusive universe of collective  
plausible deniability.  They'd never welcome such a service.


On 25-Apr-06, at 12:51 PM, Matt Jensen wrote:

> Two thoughts.
> 1. Just an interesting coincidence: this past weekend was the  
> biannual used book sale for the Seattle Public Library.  There was  
> a copy of "Sloppy Firsts" (which I'd never heard of) sticking out  
> like a sore thumb in a section in which it clearly didn't belong.
> 2. Who's going to offer the plaigarism-detection farm?  After a  
> number of high-profile plaigarism cases in the last decade, I'd  
> think there would be a good market for a service that accepts a  
> book draft, compares it to a few million existing titles, and spits  
> out suspicious overlaps.  The customers would be publishers (and  
> maybe literary agents).  There are services for checking college  
> term papers, so why don't book publishers do this?
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> Quoting Rohit Khare <rohit at commerce.net>:
>>> Suspicion enveloped the precocious college sophomore Kaavya   
>>> Viswanathan yesterday after The Harvard Crimson reported that   
>>> passages in her newly published debut novel, which helped earn  
>>> her  a $500,000 deal from Little, Brown, are "strikingly similar" to
>>> ...
>>>  "Sloppy Firsts" (Crown), a 2001 novel by Megan F.  McCafferty,  
>>> the author of three novels and a former editor at  Cosmopolitan.  
>>> One 14-word passage appears in both books, The  Crimson reported.
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