[FoRK] Re: War of the Worlds

Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Wed Apr 26 11:16:41 PDT 2006

"Gordon Mohr" <gojomofork at xavvy.com> wrote in message
> The gun-in-the-crowd scene *didn't* ring true to me.

It seemed to me that Spielberg purposely used iconic or symbolic images and 
situations, and I think the scene with the gun was one of those. Cruise's 
gun was meant for protection, and he was clearly reluctant to have it or use 
it. His use of it was in defense of his daughter (was it the first time he 
explicitly defended her?), as well as to get people's attention. The other 
gun was used to take away the car, and then the guy who picked it up off the 
ground escalated the situation by killing the person in the car. When Cruise 
started crying in the diner, I got the sense that he was being made 
responsible for the people killing each other outside, as though it was he 
who had introduced the element of surviving through violence.

I'm not expressing it well, but this scene rang true for me on a symbolic 
level. I don't think realism was an intention of Spielberg in this movie.


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