[FoRK] how to do no-sub tv?

Brian Atkins < brian at posthuman.com > on > Wed Apr 26 21:07:48 PDT 2006

Straight Over-The-Air HDTV is the best quality going nowadays. Sat companies 
actually downrez it down to 1280x1024 and lower bitrates, so avoid them.

Just hook up an antenna, size and quality depending on your location:


Plug it into your preferred ATSC OTA tuner. Any new HDTV (note: if it just says 
"HDTV ready" it ain't got a tuner in it) will have this. It's all digital, so 
after hooking it up you'll pretty much either have a perfect picture or no 
picture at all. The days of snowy analog are far gone.

If you want a DVR, there are various options from building your own PC based 
DVR, or waiting for the series 3 Tivo coming out this year which will have two 
OTA tuners.

Also another option for getting a hold of HDTV signals if you live in an area 
that is too far away from the broadcasting towers is if your new HDTV or other 
device has a QAM tuner built in. This will let you plug your cable in, and 
receive any and all unencrypted digital channels... most all cable companies 
leave the major networks unencrypted, but the question will be whether they have 
your cable completely blocked off or not if you don't subscribe at all.

Finally, something else to consider if you don't want to buy a full blown HDTV 
or OTA-capable DVR, is to purchase an older separate ATSC OTA tuner box on ebay 
or whatever. These will receive digital OTA channels from your antenna, and 
output to a plain old non-HDTV set if you want.
Brian Atkins
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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