[FoRK] how to do no-sub tv?

Brian Atkins < brian at posthuman.com > on > Thu Apr 27 09:26:09 PDT 2006

Lucas Gonze wrote:
> Joe Barrera wrote:
>> I use a $100 HDTV tuner and a (I think $30) set-top
>> UHF antenna about a foot cubed, and it works great.
> A set-top antenna does something useful?  What is this strange fu?

I think you still haven't fully grokked the lovely digitalness of these signals.

Do you complain about how tiny the wifi antenna is on your laptop? It works, right?

Same with this. If you can get a decent signal strength it just works. 
Perfectly. There is no snow.
Brian Atkins
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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