[FoRK] how to do no-sub tv?

Kevin Elliott < K-Elliott at wiu.edu > on > Thu Apr 27 10:17:17 PDT 2006

At 20:50 -0700  on  4/26/06, Lucas Gonze wrote:
>Anybody have ideas for how to get television without paying a 
>subscription fee or breaking
>the law?  Straight-up over-the-air television has unusable picture 
>quality, and I want to not
>be dependent on the cable etc companies for the rest of my life.

I have to ask if you've  tried the obvious- iis your home wired for 
cable?  If it is just plug in a cable tuner (i.e.  a VCR).  Every 
place  I've lived the cable network has been broadcasting a decent 
number of channels unscrambled.  Normally the local channels and a 
handful of others (CSPAN and the like).
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