[FoRK] how to do no-sub tv?

Lucas Gonze < lgonze at panix.com > on > Thu Apr 27 10:41:49 PDT 2006

On Thu, 27 Apr 2006, Joe Barrera wrote:

> Lucas Gonze wrote:
>>  A set-top antenna does something useful?  What is this strange fu?
> Of course it probably helps to be only about 10 miles
> from Sutro tower :-) Which is not to say that analog
> TV would be very watchable with a set-top antenna.

It looks like I'm about 20 miles, but it's still worth trying.

As Brian says, either it will work perfectly or it won't work at all.

The magic comes in with Tivo, which makes it possible to have a limited 
set of channels and not be stuck with nothing to watch...

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