[FoRK] A FoRK at Cato

Mike Masnick < mike at techdirt.com > on > Fri Apr 28 19:19:22 PDT 2006

In case anyone's interested, the link to the event now has audio and video 

My own (insanely long -- but what else was I to do while on a plane for 6 
hours) writeup of the event is here:


Fun, interesting and educational (in both good and bad ways).  Not your 
ordinary techie conference... I enjoyed the overall event though.


At 09:50 PM 4/24/2006 -0500, Wayne Baisley wrote:
>For half a day anyway.  Mike Masnick will be on a panel for the symposium 
>"Copyright Controversies: Freedom, Property, Content Creation, and the 
>DMCA" on Wednesday in DC.
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