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Only a repeat of my recent comment to the effect that those in power can 
get away with quite a bit in the short term, but there it is very 
difficult to escape the wheels of justice, both actual and public 
opinion, in the long term.  One reason I tend to be skeptical of the 
more far out conspiracy theories is that sooner or later someone will 
let the details slip unless there were very few involved.

This president apparently assumed the powers of king privately for a few 
years, and now has everyone publicly trying to justify it.  One way to 
interpret the economic and political events of the last several years is 
as one stream of abuse, corruption, incompetence, and gaps in 
oversight.  The good that is coming of it is that each of these is so 
clearly over the line and over the top that reformers are able to get 
effective controls put in place for many things.  Sarbanes-Oxley for 
instance is a brilliant improvement in avoiding fraud, from a 
shareholder perspective.

I get tense over every test of personal scrutiny and freedom because 
some of these might not come out as they should in the spirit of a free 
society, but the trend overall is good.

Specifically, I think it is interesting that the state legislature 
loophole is there and no one has talked about using it before.  Probably 
it will be batted away on some technicality or otherwise brushed off, 
but the statement will be made.  Additionally, if the press reports it 
as US law that is again being bypassed, it will only add to the pressure.

The Republicans seem to have dug a really, really big hole.  US politics 
should remain interesting for quite a while.


Udhay Shankar N wrote:
> At 03:45 PM 4/28/2006, Adam L Beberg wrote:
>> Hmmmmmm..... Looks like it's a fight to see who can do it first and 
>> gain fame and fortune.
>> http://www.opednews.com/maxwrite/print_friendly.php?p=opedne_steven_l_060422_bush_impeachment___t.htm 
>> http://www.vermontguardian.com/local/042006/VTSaysImpeach.shtml
> So, folks: any comments on the above, for a curious outsider?
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