[FoRK] The Larry Niven School of Tai Chi

Joe Barrera < joe at barrera.org > on > Sun Apr 30 11:44:56 PDT 2006

A selection from the 108 moves:

3. Grasp Ramjet Exhaust
4. Single Pole
6. White Ramjet Spreads Electromagnetic Fields
18. Carry Kzin to Plateau
20. Fist under Scrith
21. Go Back to Wunderland to Ward Off Monkies
28. Statue at Sea Bottom
29. Tidal Force Penetrates through #2 General Products Hull
30. Turn and Chop with Message Laser
36. Reach Up to Pat Puppeteer
46. Strike Kzin at Left
58. Parting Insane Puppeteer's Mane (Right)
66. Fair Lady Flies Shuttles (Left)
80. Slanted Flying to pick up Gravitational Boost
99. Creeping Low Like Wunderland Asteroid Belt
100. Step Up Slowboat Production to Colonize Seven Stars
103. Draw Strakkaker to Shoot Kzin

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