[FoRK] Shadow Captain

Joe Barrera < joe at barrera.org > on > Sun Apr 30 16:29:32 PDT 2006

1. Words David Crosby; Lyrics Craig Doerge

WTF sort of distinction is that?!
WhoTF is Craig Doerge? Should I pay attention to him?

2. Moby Dick reference, or do I just think that every time I see a boat?

3. "Who guides this ship?" A good question for GWB.

4. This altered perspective brought to you today by Cheap Tequila.

5. Table4six is pretty cool if you have no other social life. Like me.
And like a lot of you, come on, admit it.
It's the closest I (with my European heritage) will come to an arranged 
And I do envy that.

- Joe

"Ethanol's good for drivers!" - GWB
(who ought to know)

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