[FoRK] Re: random C question

Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Fri Jun 2 18:15:18 PDT 2006

Owen Byrne <owen <at> permafrost.net> writes:

> With what accent is character pronounced care-acter? I've always heard 
> it as car-acter.

Hmmm. My speech has probably been influenced by hearing Spanish a lot when I was
little, living in North Carolina in late childhood, and Florida panhandle in
high school. I think I say "care" and "character" in the same way. At least, I
don't notice any different when I say them out loud right now (yes, I'm alone :)
). On the other hand, the second syllable is very suppressed, almost like a
dipthong. "Character" is almost a two-syllable word, maybe you can call it 2.5
syllable word, when I say it...  That may be the southern influence coming
through. (And yes, I do say y'all, and the possessive y'all'ses, which is a bad
habit I picked up in Florida.)


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