[FoRK] interesting little idea: at-gate upgrade auctions

Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Mon Jun 5 20:24:41 PDT 2006

There are many interesting spinoffs of course.  Are you single and would 
like to chat with someone compatible?  Do you want to be as far away 
from toddlers as possible?  Are you looking for a job / employee?  
Agent?  Politician?

I sat in the same row once as Anthony Williams (Mayor of DC).  I've 
become friends with several people I sat with.  Toddlers and babies 
probably bother me far less than pre-parenting people.

It could work both ways: you could be paid a bonus for sitting next to 
the toddler, etc.


Rohit Khare wrote:
> ... the deeper point of this blogpost, that architectural innovation 
> constrains possible business processes, is another matter entirely....
> http://www.capgemini.com/ctoblog/2006/06/why_couldnt_i_get_the_airline.php#more 
>> In breezed someone else from the event who happily announced he had 
>> been upgraded to first class. Took a moment before half in joke 
>> someone said ‘give you $50 for the seat’, but it was a high enough 
>> price point to show serious interest and see if there was a reaction. 
>> Then the bidding started in earnest and it was serious, to cut a long 
>> story short, it was $500 that closed the deal.
>> Then the airline blew it, and said that their systems couldn’t handle 
>> the seat change – again!! Seems it is some sort of one off 
>> transaction to make an upgrade and must be done before the person 
>> checks into another grade, or so they said. Actually, I reckoned it 
>> was a combination of the IT system and the airline’s attitude to ‘how 
>> things are done around here’ that showed itself in the way the staff 
>> handled the request.
> ...
>> Using this argument the airline could have auctioned the upgrades, 
>> (there were several seats), and taken the extra money. How? Well the 
>> SOA approach would at the time I checked in asked me if I wanted them 
>> to enter a bid on my behalf for any upgrade, if so, how much I wanted 
>> to bid. Then as check in closed the winners would be called back and 
>> asked to pay their bids, then and only then would the checked in 
>> transactions be forwarded as completed to the existing legacy systems 
>> in the normal way.
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