[FoRK] Stem cells from your own fat: what could be better?

Ken Meltsner < meltsner at alum.mit.edu > on > Wed Jun 7 14:56:08 PDT 2006

Saw this on Wired, but the original site was more interesting.  They
put out a press release recently about working towards reconstructing
breast after mastectomies using adult stem cells from the patient's
own fat.

This could be a very popular cosmetic surgery in a decade or so...


Adipose, also known as fat tissue, is the richest and most accessible
known source of stem cells. It contains a specialized class of stem
cells comprised of multiple cell types that promote healing and
repair. Adipose stem cells have been shown to differentiate into
multiple cell types, including muscle cells (heart, smooth and
skeletal) bone, fat, cartilage and nerve. Beyond differentiation,
regenerative cells may provide therapeutic benefit through the release
of growth factors and other therapeutic healing mechanisms.

The major advantages of adipose tissue as a source of regenerative
cells, which distinguish it from alternative cell sources, include:

+ 	Yield: 	A therapeutic dose of regenerative cells can be isolated in
approximately one hour without cell culture

+ 	Safety: Patients receive their own cells (autologous-use) so there
is no risk of immune rejection or disease transmission

+ 	Versatility: Stem cells from adipose tissue impart benefit from
multiple mechanisms-of-action

The Celution™ System is being designed to automate the proprietary
process and methods for extracting and purifying a high yield of stem
cells. Cytori's goal is to introduce the first system that can enable
real-time, cellular therapy at the bedside....

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