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Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Thu Jun 8 08:03:08 PDT 2006

Joe Barrera <joe <at> barrera.org> writes:

> Corinna wrote:
> >  I knew nothing about him
> How the hell did you manage that?!

Don't make fun of this poor ignorant girl... I did only 
literature that was required reading, because most of it
was so deadly dull (Red Badge of Courage in 8th grade,
Moby Dick in 12th, Charlotte Bronte), or incomprehensible
(Conrad, Dickens) to me. Or simply not my cup of tea - I 
read a lot of sci-fi on my own time (House of Stairs in 
5th grade, Contact in 8th grade, lots of Asimov, even
John Carter of Mars!)

Lawrence was never required reading. "Lady Chatterly's 
Lover" was a vague title in my mind, with no real association 
to Lawrence, and I certainly never read it...

The only reason I know about Lysistrata is because my
husband read it last month and talked to me about it!

On a more serious note, I think that it's my responsibility 
to myself and my kids to at least gain a basic education in 
the humanities at this point. I feel like I've potentially 
missed out -- I realy enjoyed reading Atlas Shrugged a couple 
of summer ago, and I discovered Kipling's short stories, 
and I've been exposed to philosophical writing because of my

If you make fun of me, I just won't talk to you! :P

So, back to my original question...


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