[FoRK] Ithaca, indeed :)

Justin Mason < jm at jmason.org > on > Fri Jun 9 05:02:17 PDT 2006

"Luis Villa" writes:
>On 6/8/06, Owen Byrne <owen at permafrost.net> wrote:
>> I found this piece and this other similar piece  -
>> http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2006/06/how_to_kick_sil.html
>>  - kinda insular and self-serving. How to innovate? - the only way is
>> the way we did it. I found Paul Graham's mention of Detroit evocative -
>> once upon a time Detroit was an innovative place (and the main driver of
>> the US economy), then suddenly it wasn't. What happened? Did
>> Especially since there are people
>> (http://www.isc.hbs.edu/econ-clusters.htm) who have done systematic
>> research on just this subject, rather than just pontificating.
>> Its interesting that these similar pieces appeared so close together. It
>> seems like the hype is at a peak now. In 2002 these would be laughable.
>> I suspect they'll be laughable again in 2007.
>Would they have been laughable in 2002? Would you still have wanted to
>start a company anywhere else?


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