[FoRK] Cuba (was: Barbados (was: Ithaca, indeed :))

Luis Villa < luis.villa at gmail.com > on > Fri Jun 9 07:05:19 PDT 2006

On 6/9/06, Russell Turpin <deafbox at hotmail.com> wrote:
> "Luis Villa" <luis.villa at gmail.com>:
> >Cuba whenever Castro falls may be an even better option..
> Cuba has a lot of promise.
> >Downside: ..having to wait for Fidel to fall, which as my grandparent's
> >generation will tell you is not necessarily
> >the most fruitful activity.
> Your grandparents were hoping for political upheaval. We're
> waiting for the inevitable decay of flesh. Castro looks to
> me as if he has one foot in the grave, and maybe a knee. I
> will be surprised if he lasts three years. Shocked, if he
> lasts ten.

By all credible accounts he is still in good health, as is his younger
brother. And he gets top-quality medical care.

> The big issue is the nature of the transition when he dies.
> At this point, I'm half hoping Castro survives the Bush
> administration, lest those foreign policy nincompoops
> completely screw another pooch.

It isn't just the Bush administration, sadly; my grandparent's
generation (and those in my father's who think like the older
generation) still has a lot of undo influence, advocating policies
that are still broken. The chaos that could be caused when they return
to the island, demanding the return of property that has not been
theirs for 45 years, could be terrible.


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