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Corinna wrote:
> Don't make fun of this poor ignorant girl... I did only 
> literature that was required reading, because most of it
> was so deadly dull (Red Badge of Courage in 8th grade,
> Moby Dick in 12th, Charlotte Bronte), or 

How could you find Moby Dick dull?  It was one of the most exciting 
novels I've ever read (and I first read it on my own 50 or so years ago).

BTW, I also am a SciFi geek.  I've read everyone at least once.  My 
favorite of all time is Theodore Sturgeon.

> Lawrence was never required reading. "Lady Chatterly's 
> Lover" was a vague title in my mind, with no real association 
> to Lawrence, and I certainly never read it...

I did.  Well, at least I started it.  It wasn't really very interesting 
to me.  I tried it because he lived in Taos (about 40 miles from me) for 
quite a while.

> On a more serious note, I think that it's my responsibility 
> to myself and my kids to at least gain a basic education in 
> the humanities at this point.

Why?  It's your responsibility to expose them to the humanities, 
literature, math, and all the other creations of man.  You only need 
enough education in those fields to direct them to the people or books 
where they can find their own answers.

> I feel like I've potentially 
> missed out

Then do something about it. :-)  Read whatever interests you, even those 
things that are hard or turn out to be uninteresting.  Lately I've been 
reading about the two rival queens, Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of 
Scots.  Before that I was reading about the migration of the lowland 
Scots to Ireland and then to the U.S. (my wife is descendant from at 
least a few of them).  I even read a book about the ordinary wood 
pencil.  And not least, I have a new book about dogs and how to turn an 
alpha male dog into a subservient member of the pack, which I'm using to 
make my alpha male dog follow my rules and not his.


Marty Halvorson
marty at halvorson.us

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