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Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Sat Jun 10 07:27:23 PDT 2006

Joe Barrera <joe <at> barrera.org> writes:

> Corinna wrote:
> >  On a slightly related note, I have a hard time
>  > seeing value in Shakespeare
> Augh! (sound of eyes being gouged out)

Hello, my name is Corinna, and I'm literature-averse.
(Hi, Corinna.)

The first step to being a better person is admitting 
there's a problem...

On the other hand, after giving it a go, can I
legitimately say that Shakespeare really doesn't
do it for me? Without being branded a Philistine?

I've had a similar discussion with my husband on the
subject of music and aesthetics. He thinks Mozart is 
pointless, but likes Vivaldi. Bach can make him cry, 
but Baroque music generally doesn't seem worthwhile 
to him. He likes Wagner, but I can't stand it. I like
Stravinsky, he finds it too chaotic. He finds real
artistry in Nine Inch Nails and Infected Mushroom.

Visual art, too... now that's another whole can of worms.
I like photography, and drawing. There's something
compelling about Jackson Pollock (akin to Infected Mushroom).



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