[FoRK] Re: Humanities...

Damien Morton < fork at bitfurnace.com > on > Sat Jun 10 07:40:52 PDT 2006

On 6/11/2006 12:27 AM, Corinna wrote:

> The first step to being a better person is admitting 
> there's a problem...

Umm, the first step to being a better person is to reject authority.

You like what you like and thats it.

Some people here might have suggestions about things you havent read 
before, and especially things you kids might like.

Myself, I have been collecting books and comics that I want my kids to read.

Tsai Chih Chung's tranlation into comic form of various ancient Chinese 
philosphers is one ("ZhuangZhui Speaks" is the best one).

Larry Gonick and his "Cartoon History of the Universe" is another one.

"Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind" by Hayao Miyazaki, for older kids.

"Gon" by Masashi Tanaka, is worldess and is especially loved by young kids.

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