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I have the old B&W Moby Dick TiVo'd.  I never saw it before, but the few 
minutes I caught included the church scene with the ship's prow as the 
pulpit which I think is hilarious and fascinating.  I'm assuming that 
whaling towns must have actually done this.


Wayne Baisley wrote:
> Herman in a nutshell:
> "Call me Ishmael."
> "I would prefer not to."
> Cheers,
> Wayne
> "In general, it is the non-psychological novel that offers the richest 
> opportunities for psychological elucidation.  Here the author, having 
> no intentions of this sort, does not show his characters in a 
> psychological light and thus leaves room for analysis and 
> interpretation, or even invites it by his unprejudiced mode of 
> presentation...  I would also include Melville's Moby Dick, which I 
> consider to be the greatest American novel, in this broad class of 
> writings."  (Carl Jung in The Spirit in Man, Art, and Literature, 1967)
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