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Joe Barrera < joe at barrera.org > on > Sun Jun 11 15:57:16 PDT 2006

Joe Barrera wrote:

> OK -- but now you may have the problem of
> convincing someone that *Polanski* is
> incredibly great even if his style doesn't
> appeal at first glance!

Oh! In fact! Look at this rather familiar chain
of comments on Polanski's Macbeth at IMDb:

Board: The Tragedy of Macbeth (1971) 	

Incredibly hard to watch? 	
   by - mashimaro_100-1 (Mon Apr 10 2006 00:16:36 ) 	
Who found it incredibly hard to watch? I don't know exactly why I felt
itwas boring but it just didn't capture my attention. Maybe the lack
of a musical score but that may have been deliberate but that didn't
work for me. Though it is indeed quite empowering I somehow felt it
just didn't click for me.
Re: Incredibly hard to watch? 	
   by - travsuth (Sat May 20 2006 18:01:09 ) 	
maybe you dont like good movies?

Needed more explosions hmmm?

Long Live Roman

Re: Incredibly hard to watch? 	
   by - HiigherLearning (Fri Jun 2 2006 15:19:50 ) 	
maybe it's just somebody's opinion?
Re: Incredibly hard to watch? 	
   by - carlysaysyouresovain (Fri Jun 2 2006 19:48:55 ) 	
"Grrrrrrr! You're a PHILISTINE for not enjoying this MASTERPIECE of a
movie! It's so brilliant and amazing! Especially with the lack of a
musical score! What a masterpiece! If you don't like it you deserve
less than death!"


I stronly dislike this movie. It's dull and boring. The editing is
horendous and the camera work is awful. Not to mention the sound...

Re: Incredibly hard to watch? 	
   by - ejm002 4 days ago (Wed Jun 7 2006 12:58:31 ) 	
ugh.. i had to watch this in english class.. it was pretty blah.. but okay..

Re: Incredibly hard to watch? 	
   by - theneenmachine 2 days ago (Fri Jun 9 2006 15:27:03 ) 	
so did we, but i ended up actually really liking it.

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